5 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Shapewear For Your Body

So you know you want the slimming and smoothing powers of a shapewear or waist cincher but you don't know which one to buy? Here's a guide to help you know which shaper will be best for your body.

1. CHOOSE YOUR TARGET AREA. Are you looking to slim your tummy, smooth your thighs, or lift your bum? Choose high waisted slimming garments or bodysuits for tummy and torso slimming. Choose a full bodysuit for all over shaping. 

2. DECIDE ON YOUR SUPPORT LEVEL. Are you looking for smooth lines or a total body shape transformation? Is this for every day wear or a special occasion? A moderate control support garment will hide lumps and bumps while a maximum control shaper will 

3. REMEMBER YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! There are $40 shapers and there are $140 shapers. Decide if you are looking for  

4. BUY THE SIZE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, NOT THE SIZE YOU WANT TO BE. Shapewear needs to stay in place and cover the areas it is supposed to with no visible bulges or wrinkles. Instead of going down a size, go up a control level. This will ensure your shapewear provides the support you need and stays comfortable too.

Choose the Right Shaper for Your Trouble Spots

Everyone has a different body type and different trouble spots based on their genetics. You might have an enviable waistline but wider hips, or you've got great legs but you carry your weight around your middle.

That's why we have so many options in shapewear! Everyone is unique; therefore everyone should choose shapewear based on the problem areas they want to address. Here are six types of shapers designed to target common issues.

  1. All-Over Shaping

Sometimes one garment is all you need for a flattering result from top to bottom. Bodysuits are designed to provide smoothing so you can look flawless under your sexiest clothes. They also provide slimming and shaping for the midsection, hips, butt and thighs.

  1. Butt-Lifting

Most of us could use a little help when it comes to getting that perfectly round rear, which is why we carry a wide selection of shapers design to lift and sculpt. You can choose from shapers that enhance your natural curves or those that add padding. Many rear enhancing shapers also slim the waistline and hips while providing lift in the back.

  1. Waist-Slimming

There are hundreds of options to help you attain that flat tummy and hourglass shape. For dramatic results or to start a waist training regimen, try a cincher or corset; for flattering everyday results without pinching or binding try a high waist panty shaper or shaping cami. If you want to work on your waistline while working out, try a workout band or high-waisted shaping leggings.

  1. Bust-Enhancing

Whether you need extra support and shaping every day or you need something extra special for a formal event, there are a variety of bras and shapers that can shape, lift and support your breasts based on your needs. For low-cut, backless and strapless dresses you will want a special bra, bustier or adhesive solution. For everyday support you'll want a great bra as well as a shaper like a vest-style cincher that provides extra lift and support while slimming your midsection, for a more pronounced feminine shape.

  1. Thigh-Slimming

Slim, smooth and sexy thighs are an option for everyone with the right thigh slimming. Many bodysuits extend to the thighs as part of the whole shaping package. You can also choose garments that focus more on your thighs, while also providing smoothing for your hips and waist. To look your best during your workouts, choose from one of our many thigh-slimming leggings, shorts and capris.

  1. Skin-Smoothing

You can be in great shape and still have dimpled skin; for someone women it's just unlucky genetics. These shapers are designed to cover up, smooth or reduce the visibility of skin imperfections for a smoother butt, thighs and other areas when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.