How to Choose the Best Tummy Tuck Compression Garment

How to Choose the Best Tummy Tuck Compression Garment

abdominoplasty compression garment

After a tummy tuck, it is usually recommended to wear an abdominoplasty compression garment for a speedy recovery. Question is how do you find the best one? Here are 4 tips for buying the best post surgical garment so you get the binder that is right for you.

1. Think of Functionality 

The period of time post surgery is important and we need a shaper garment that is up to the task. An open gusset ensures you can easily pee without taking the whole thing off! 

2. Look for Comfort 

Garment technology is world's away from your mother's girdle. You do not have to overheat. Leonisa's garments are so breathable and designed with comfort so that you can heal the best way possible. The inner layer of the garment is made of a smooth material that is soft on the skin and avoids irritating incisions. 

2. Get the Right Size

This is where your doctor comes in with a recommendation on size and compression level. Leonisa does run small and customers usually buy one size larger.

4. More Coverage is Better

To ensure complete comfort, it is recommended to choose tummy tuck compression garments with more coverage to shape the figure evenly. The good news is that Leonisa offers garments that offer you the coverage you need, but the ultra-flat seams are super comfy and go unnoticed under clothing.

Check out our selection of hand-picked Post-Surgical Compression garments - we do the research so you don't have to!

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