All About Leo Men's Upper Body Full Compression Back Support Shaper | Now In Canada

All About Leo Men's Upper Body Full Compression Back Support Shaper | Now In Canada

Better posture and superior back support are only a zip away! Whether you are into fitness or just wish you were, men can benefit from the best selling Upper Body Full Compression Mens Shaper by Leo.

This men’s compression shapewear garment controls the chest, belly and back while remaining comfortable and invisible under your clothes. The secret is PowerMesh. This cutting edge fabric gives breathable compression, without adding a lot of weight. And with this PowerMesh body shaper from Leonisa, it’s easier than ever to reshape your body and look your best.



  • Trimmed tummy
  • Eliminates “love-handles”
  • Visible reduction of gynecomastia in the chest
  • Back support and slimming


  • Vest style men’s body shaper
  • Zoned compression
  • Comfort-lined zipper
  • High back
  • Additional control for tummy

Mens slimming vest with back support

Compression and support

Our PowerSlim® fabric offers firm compression in the abs, chest, waist, and back for a sculpting effect.

Mens compression undershirt with Perfect fit

Perfect fit

Front hook-and-zip closure is easy to use and flat under clothes

Best posture corrector for Men

Posture corrector

Criss-cross PowerSlim® bands on the backside correct your posture, helping you sit up straighter all day.

Mens Postsurgical Compression Vest

Wear it for post-surgical recovery

This garment is made with high-tech fabric that compresses, immobilizes, and protects the torso.

Compression Sportswear Perfect for physical activity
Designed for your activities, comfort, and needs in mind.

Wear it when for back support when you sit for long periods of time.

Back Support Mens Shaper Vest

Perfect for 
physical activity.

Mens Compression Sportswear

Wear it daily for a sculpting effect under all your clothes.

Mens Shaper Vest

Use the power of technology in your daily life.

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