6 Reasons I Love My Leonisa Bodysuit Shaper

6 Reasons I Love My Leonisa Bodysuit Shaper

Let me count the ways:

1. I look and feel incredibly smooth and tightened but NOT smooshed or suffocated. This is huge. 

2. Lined shapers means no hot and uncomfortable feeling. Simply amazing to not be rushing to rip the thing off - it felt wonderful to wear a slimming garment and not suffer with the hot and flushed feeling! 

3. Loving my sexy butt and thighs! This is booty heaven. Squats are great, but Leonisa boy short with butt lifting technology is quicker!

4. This bad boy gave my breasts a lift from underneath - like a comfy shelf - this alone reclaimed a very obvious extra 2-3 inches of my waist line. Icing on the cake was that my shoulders had a break as the shaper took the pressure off and really helped my my bra straps from digging in and weighing me down. Life is good. 

5. My posture was about about 300% better. With my gut sucked in and my shoulders back I felt motivated and supported - better able to stand up straight and feel really amazing.

6. Looking great is one thing, but my new secret weapon also washes amazingly. This means I get to use it again and again - not like the cheap stuff that falls apart after one wash.  By paying more for quality, I actually saved myself money!

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